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By Commissioner Jeff & Stormdownburst
MOF Media Analysts
Published Monday, February
23, 2015


Welcome to the playoff prediction page! Here you will see the bracket update after each game, and you will get a playoff prediction by Commissioner Jeff and Stormdownburst. We cannot predict game by game since they get played so fast, but what we'll do is give an overall prediction of what we think will happen each game.

Commissioner Jeff

Season Recap:
Season 32 saw three crazy divisions. The AFC North, NFC North, and NFC South. All three divisions had great races all season long. I honestly don't remember a season where we had two divisions with teams all .500 or better. Unfortunately we saw some coaches have to resign due to personal issues that disqualified two potential playoff teams in the Chiefs and Packers, but overall we had a nice successful season and the playoffs are very much anticipated. With that being said, I originally thought Betts' Chiefs would play Pauly's Saints in the Super Bowl, but since Betts' left and Pauly missed the playoffs, things obviously are going to change.

Playoff Prediction: I think the AFC is going to go as planned, I believe the Bills/Ravens 2nd round matchup is going to be very entertaining however I don't see anyone beating Canesbucs' Broncos. I think he's destined to get to the big dance this season, and no one will stand in his way. As far as the NFC, the Seahawks are obviously the favorite to get to the dance, but I think the past failures of Dre's playoffs will come haunt him again, and Brett will be the team to knock him out. I believe we will see a Leet vs Brett NFC Championship, that Leet will win. Superbowl 32 will be very good, but I see Canesbucs Broncos beating Leet's Buccaneers 31-27 in a great game.

Bills over Bengals   Bears over Vikings    
Browns over Colts   Panthers over Giants    
Ravens over Bills   Buccaneers over Bears   Broncos over Buccaneers
Broncos over Browns   Panthers over Seahawks    
Broncos over Ravens   Buccaneers over Panthers    



As season 32 comes to a end and we get ready for the playoffs, lets look back at the season at what played out.

We see alot of familiar faces back in the playoffs again as they continued there dominance in the MOF. Another season where the AFC was loaded with elite owners, especially the AFC North. As usual Coach Beast has his Bills rolling to another AFC East division title, however Coach Q and Coach Raydar did try to make things interesting. The AFC North is sending 3 teams to the playoffs, no surprise there. Coach Ron takes yet another division title, this time with the Ravens. Coach Pettigrew as usual makes the playoffs but not in his dominate fashion as we have seen in past seasons. The surprise in the division comes from Coach Dypko who made a late run for postseason play but fell short in the end, first time in a long time we wont be seeing him in post season play. AFC South as thought was one of the weaker divisions. Coach MMX had the division lead since week 1 and never looked back, he may have lost some games late in the season but that really had no effect on him in the standings. Coach Storm again thought poke checking was allowed in football and was a non factor with the Texans, was he trying to play for a chance for the packers? Who knows. Coach Dagger did really well with the Jags even though he had a losing record, he still turned some heads and had a lot of close games with them. Coach Woody was just glad to get the season over with. The AFC West was dominated by Coach Canesbucs and the Broncos. 2 coaching changes in the division and the inability for the raiders to complete his games gave the broncos a clear path to the AFC West title.

Now we move to the NFC, where we saw a couple of surprises. First of NFC East. What happens when you have 2 friends in the same division?? Coach Brad wins the division with the Giants, that's what happens. Dpanther had a great season with the Cowboys but something happened and the wheels fell off. I do hope to see Dpanther make the playoffs soon he deserves it. Then you have Coach Trev who finishes yet again with the worst record in the league for the 2nd straight season. This time with the Eagles. This is what happens when you spend too much time playing HUT!!! You get the worst record of the league!! The AFC North was very competitive with Coach Trig narrowly winning the division with the Bears via tiebreaker. Coach Krazie loses the division via tiebreaker but still made it to post season play. He did a great job with the Vikes. Coach KA just misses post season play with the lions and Green Bay had a sub coach in late in the season. This division could have gone either way and came down to the final weeks of games. NFC South saw Coach UCCBret take the division via tiebreaker with the Panthers against Coach Leet and the Bucs. Coach Leet has become a powerhouse owner in just a couple of seasons, and has earned respect from a few guys, me being one of them. The huge surprise of this season is Coach Pauly not making the playoffs!! From what I remember he always makes the postseason. I'm sure he will bounce back. Coach Classo rounded out the NFC South with the Falcons, think he is just happy the season s done with. Lastly we look at the NFC West, with Coach Dre being absolutely dominate with the Seahawks. Not only does he crush his division foes en route to a NFC West title, but he ends up with the best record in the MOF this season. Awesome job Dre!!! The disappointment in the division came from Coach Alex who jumped from his Jets to the 49ners and was a non factor with them. But you have to give him credit for trying a different team.

Playoff Prediction:

Now  I will briefly breakdown the playoffs and my predictions.
Bengals vs Bills- I see the Bills dominating this game so my pick is the Bills
Browns vs Colts- Interesting game, I like the Colts in this spot
Vikings vs Bears- As much as I hate the Bears, got to go bears here though
Panthers vs Giants- Panthers by double digits

Broncos vs Colts- Coach Canes too dominating with the Broncos.
Ravens vs Bills- Great match up with the edge going to Coach Ron and the ravens
Seahawks vs Panthers- Seahawks in convincing fashion
Bears vs Bucs- Bucs in a close one

AFC Championship Game
Ravens vs Broncos- I think Coach Ron may have his hands full against Coach Canes and the broncos, but Coach Ron has been in this spot numerous of times so I think the Ravens will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship Game
Bucs vs Seahawks- What a game this will be!!! I liked Coach Leet and the Bucs all season, howver I also like Coach Dre and the seahawks too. I think this is Dre's season so Im going Seahawks.

Super Bowl
Seahawks vs Ravens- Two vets battling it out for the Super Bowl, that's what I like too see. I have to stick to my guns and stay with Dre and the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.

Season 32 SB Winner
Coach Dre-Seahawks

Bills over Bengals   Bears over Vikings    
Colts over Browns   Panthers over Giants    
Ravens over Bills   Buccaneers over Bears   Seahawks over Ravens
Broncos over Colts   Seahawks over Panthers    
Ravens over Broncos   Seahawks over Buccaneers    


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