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By Mel Kiper Jr.
MOF Media Analyst
Published Wednesday,
August 17, 2016

Welcome ladies and Gentleman to the season premier of 'MOF Draft Central'. At the end of each season this will be updated consistently. First before the draft it will be updated with Draft groups, previews, and mock drafts. Then after the draft begins I will be updating this article after every draft pick. Once the first pick is made, every coach has 2 hours to make their picks. The draft will be happening live on the MOF Forum which you can get to clicking here. 


This post breaks down each group each Coach falls under for the Season XXXVIII draft order.

12.1.1 - Every new release of Madden we will conduct a draft for your team for the upcoming CFM.

12.1.2 - The draft will be conducted on the MOF forum. We will post the time and date that the draft will start.
12.1.3 - You will have 2 hours once the clock has started, to make your selection. You can make your selection via text, email, forum pm, or groupme. If you feel like you might miss your deadline, you can always send me your top teams that you would like via email, groupme, or text message. (We will not count the hours from 12am-8am EST)
12.1.4 - If you miss your selection, you have until the end of the draft to make your pick at anytime.

12.1.5 - We will draft in 7 groups.

  • 1st group - Veterans that did not make playoffs all of previous edition of Madden

  • 2nd group - Veterans that made playoffs less than 50% of previous edition of Madden

  • 3rd group - Veterans that made playoffs more than 50% of previous edition of Madden

  • 4th group - Veterans that did not play all seasons in previous edition of Madden

  • 5th group - Rookies who played in Madden 16 (Rookie = any coach who has not played 16 regular season games in MOF)

  • 6th group - Returning veterans who did not play in MOF previous edition of Madden

  • 7th group - Rookies who never played in MOF before

Here is the groups that we will be drafting in:

Here is the current up to date salary cap space from (Note this might not reflect in the game itself but it can give you an understanding:



1 Lhu27 Green Bay Packers
2 Jfon Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 Dpanther95 Carolina Panthers
4 MrRoclo  Buffalo Bills
5 Srt4thatass Cincinnati Bengals
6 Hovadagod23 New England Patriots
7 Commissioner Jeff Pittsburgh Steelers
8 Pettigrew95 Arizona Cardinals
9 Kalikarpenter Los Angeles Rams
10 Bubbaduran07 Seattle Seahawks
11 Jiggajp2121 Oakland Raiders
12 Beast10790 Dallas Cowboys *Quit league and forfeited his team *
13 NYRedskins35 Washington Redskins
14 BigDre245 Denver Broncos
15 Qpeezy35 Dallas Cowboys *Partial Redraft - Selected Houston originally*
16 CheeferD Baltimore Ravens
17 Shawtypizzle Houston Texans *Partial Redraft - Selected Cleveland originally*
18 Trigrdan Atlanta Falcons
19 Pauly2110 New York Jets
20 Jdidd Kansas City Chiefs
21 BigReg Minnesota Vikings
22 Natureboy New York Giants
23 Maddenusa San Francisco 49ers
24 Bengalsonly7 Cleveland Browns *Partial Redraft - Selected Tennessee originally*
25 Krayzie300 Philadelphia Eagles
26 Mrosado11 Jacksonville Jaguars
27 Sweettaz1 Detroit Lions
28 WLJones228 San Diego Chargers
29 Texmexgalvan Tennessee Titans *Partial Redraft - Selected New Orleans originally*
30 Kd0tMarxs  Chicago Bears
31 Haneytx New Orleans Saints *Partial Redraft - Selected Miami Dolphins originally*
32 Ygold90 Indianapolis Colts
- Ukcat98 Miami Dolphins



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