Late trades shakes up the draft order in this first-round MOF mock draft

Welcome to the Season 54 mock draft! One of the most exciting times in the off-season is the player draft and this season is QB heavy, which makes it even more exciting for those who want to upgrade one of the most important part of their teams! So we thought we'd make things a little fun by doing a mock draft with the current draft order, breaking down what each team needs most and what will be available in the draft! Enjoy!

by Mel Kiper Jr.
February 20, 2020

Arizona St. QB Jordan Banks is projected to go number 1 in the draft

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-14)

Coach Duckfat95
Needs: QB, DT, CB

The Steelers finished with the 28th overall offense and 30th overall defense, so what is their biggest needs? Pick one. Big Ben finally hung up the cleats so the glaring need is at Quarterback. Good for them that they have the 1st overall pick and the best player in this draft is clearly Quarterback Jordan Banks out of Arizona State. I'd be surprised if they went elsewhere, but if they did Daniel Watts is another QB on my big board.

Pick: QB - Jordan Banks, Arizona State

2. Detroit Lions (2-14)

Coach Beers
Needs: OL, QB, LB

The Detroit Lions were actually dead last in both offense and defense last season and that is why they are here drafting number 2. They clearly have one of the worst offensive lines in the game but they also do not have a Quarterback either. This will be a tough choice, because i think the Steelers will be taking Banks, so if they do, then the Lions should without question draft Daniel Watts and draft offensive line the rest of the night.

Pick: QB - Daniel Watts, Ole Miss

3. Indianapolis Colts (3-13)

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: QB, OL, WR

The Colts lost Andrew Luck in the off-season to the Giants as they are moving in another direction. The problem is that the two teams in front of them also need a QB. So what do the Colts do here? It's possible they can make a late trade, but they are running out of time. If both top QBs are off the board, then the Colts must hold off and draft a QB later in the draft. They should go with the best offensive lineman in the draft and that is Mason Myers.

Pick: RG - Mason Myers, Washington

4. Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)

Coach Texmexgalvan
Needs: QB, DE, LB

The Chargers have a strong team and they are 2 seasons removed from a division title, so they aren't far off. They lost Philip Rivers in the off-season so they ALSO need a QB, but really is a low chance of them getting one of the top 2 in the draft. So what is their next glaring need? They lost Melvin Ingram as well, so if i were them I would go defensive line to replace Ingram, and there is an end Leon Dunn who would fit perfectly in Los Angeles.

Pick: LE - Leon Dunn, Indiana

5. New Orleans Saints (6-10)

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: OL, DL, LB

The 30th ranked offense needs help on the line. They are extremely thin especially after losing Armstead in the off-season. Their left tackle is rated a 58, so they need to fix that ASAP. There are no offensive tackles that are worthy of a top 5 pick in this draft, but there is a center out of South Carolina that could be converted to LT if he works on it. That is DeWann Warner out of South Carolina.

Pick: C - DeWann Warner, South Carolina

6. Houston Texans (6-10)

Coach Mindenplaya
Needs: OL, CB, DL

Surprisingly the Texans finished 30th against the pass last season and that was with Clowney putting up the season he did. So what gives? Their secondary is the weakest part of the team, and although they need to also improve that offensive line, they need to improve the secondary just as desperately. There is a top corner in the draft that should be here for Minden and the Houston Texans, his name is Aaron Sams.

Pick: CB - Aaron Sams, Georgia

7. Chicago Bears (6-10)

Coach Remo357
Needs: OL, HB, WR

The left side of the Bears offensive line is need of an upgrade. They also need an upgrade at HB and some more WRs but they can get that later in the draft. The Bears have been improving every season and they need a few more pieces to really compete for a division title. Drafting RT Cedric Battle out of South Carolina is a no brainer here to improve that line.

Pick: RT - Cedric Battle, South Carolina

8. New York Giants (6-10)

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: HB, DT, S

The Giants signed the biggest prize of the off-season, Andrew Luck! That automatically makes them a better team, the only problem is they need to fill other holes. They currently do not have a starting runningback but drafting a runningback in the first round normally would be a crazy idea, but there is a star back in this draft waiting to break out. Larry Winslow out of Georgia might be the next best thing and the Giants shouldn't pass him up.

Pick: HB - Larry Winslow, Georgia

9. Carolina Panthers (6-10)

Coach Dpanther95
Needs: DL, S, OL

The Panthers were alot better then their 6-10 record last season. They had the 12th best defense and 17th best offense. They need help at defensive line more than anywhere, secondary comes in at a close second. They have some options here, i believe the top CB will be off the board but the top safety should still be here, Clayton Strong. I think its a toss up between Strong and RE Kyree Matthews. I believe the Panthers have more of a sure thing with Matthews.

Pick: RE - Kyree Matthews, Washington

10. Minnesota Vikings (9-7) *From Oakland

Coach Canesbucs1
Needs: DL, LB, DB

The Vikings traded HB Dalvin Cook to get the 10th pick from the Raiders, which was a great deal since they already had Barkley. Canes has a solid team but they need help on defense. The secondary is lacking, the linebackers need an upgrade, and the defensive line also needs some help. So pick your poision here. I believe the Vikings should take whoever the Panthers do not here at #10 and according to my mock draft that will be Safety Clayton Strong.

Pick: SS - Clayton Strong, Alabama

11. Miami Dolphins (7-9)

Coach WickedMe
Needs: DL, WR, S

The Dolphins had a disappointing season and that's why they are drafting 11th overall. The Dolphins need some help at defensive line and at wide receiver the most in my opinion. So what do they do here at 11? It depends what's on the board. If we're going exactly how this mock is going, then DT Nick Finney out of Vanderbilt should still be here. This would be a great pick for Miami to sure up that defensive line with this monster.

Pick: DT - Nick Finney, Vanderbilt

12. New England Patriots (7-9)

Coach Krayzie300
Needs: DL, S, LB

The Patriots offense is off the charts talented. They really do not need anything in this draft on offense. Defense on the other hand, that's a different story all together. They need help at almost every position except cornerback. The best player on the board is what i would do here, out of DL, LB, and Safety. The best player on my board at this pick would be safety Levone Oliver.

Pick: SS - Levone Oliver, San Diego State

13. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)

Coach BigReg
Needs: QB, CB, HB

The Falcons lost Matt Ryan in the off-season to retirement and Devonta Freeman to free-agency, at the time of writing this article I believe they are still negotiating with him so the need at HB might be filled by tonight's draft. They need to replace their QB but they wont be able to do it with the 13th pick. So what does that leave? They also need help at CB, so I would go Dennis Poole out of Kentucky.

Pick: CB - Dennis Poole, Kentucky

14. Green Bay Packers (7-9)

Coach Estrada
Needs: OL, TE, DE

The Packers replaced Aaron Rodgers mid-season with QB Drew Lock, which was a smart move. New coach Estrada takes over a pretty solid team aside from needing some help at offensive line and tight end mostly. Offensive line help is going to be very valuable in this draft, so that's where i would go here. Cedric Griffith out of Virginia is rising up my big board.

Pick: LG - Cedric Griffith, Virginia

15. Dallas Cowboys (10-6) *From Jacksonville

Coach RobPowers
Needs: TE, OL, WR

The Cowboys once powerful offensive line is starting to take some losses. The team overall is very strong and they don't need much help in the draft. They acquired AJ Brown from the Titans to help at WR, but they could also grab one here too. They do need a solid TE and there is one out of LSU that should be here at #15.

Pick: TE - Jim Hobert, LSU

16. Seattle Seahawks (8-8)

Needs: LB, DE, DB

The Seahawks traded Bobby Wagner in the off-season in a salary dump which was a huge loss for Seattle. I think the number one priority is to try and replace him, which is impossible, but they can try to grab the best linebacker available here. There are a few that were rated low before the combine, but Harvey Baker out of Texas Tech has really been impressive at the combine and i think would fit great here in Seattle.

Pick: LB - Harvey Baker, Texas Tech

17. Green Bay Packers (7-9) *From Denver

Coach Estrada
Needs: OL, TE, DE

I believe the Packers will go offensive line with their first picks, so with their 2nd pick here i would look for defensive line. I'm looking at a few guys here, but one guy that really stands out is Gabe Bacon out of Northwestern, not only a great name but a power rusher that the Packers have been lacking.

Pick: RE - Gabe Bacon, Northwestern

18. Los Angeles Rams (9-7)

Coach Commish Jeff
Needs: DE, OL, CB

The Rams traded CB Marcus Peters in the off-season due to some salary restraints. So that should be their #1 priority here. They are also a little thin at offensive line which is always something Commish Jeff looks for. I also wouldn't be surprised to see them upgrade at DE. The best player on the board here would be CB Christian Hyde out of BYU.

Pick: CB - Christian Hyde, BYU

19. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

Coach Gouch
Needs: LB, QB, OL

The Bengals need a QB, there's no denying that, but they're going to have to wait until the later rounds to grab one. They also need some offensive line help and desperately need linebacker help. I think Harvey Baker will already be off the board here, so if he is, the next best LB rated to go in the 1st round on my big board would be Rodd Cornelius out of Eastern Michigan.

Pick: LB - Rodd Cornelius, Eastern Michigan

20. San Francisco 49ers (9-7)

Coach Enzo
Needs: OL, CB, S

The 49ers need a safety, but they really don't need a safety because Enzo's user skills are out of this world. What the 49ers really need is offensive line help. Here in the draft, getting toward the end of the 1st, it will be hard so the 49ers will have to dig deep to grab an elite lineman. Luckily Danielle Edmonds out of Auburn could still be here.

Pick: RT - Danielle Edmonds, Auburn

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)

Coach Jfon
Needs: S, DE, LB

The Buccaneers really don't need much. They are a solid team from front to back. They could use some upgrades, at safety, at defensive line, and at linebacker but no real glaring needs. So i would grab the best player possible in the draft at this pick. Safety Aaron Peterson out of Miami would be a nice pick here.

Pick: SS - Aaron Peterson, Miami

22. New York Giants (6-10) *From Minnesota

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: HB, DT, S

Earlier in the draft Coach DoubleD grabbed a runningback, so here is where they need to go defense. They could go defensive back here, but i really think they need to sure up that defensive line. So DT Jake Berlin out of Rice would be a great pick here if he is still on the board.

Pick: DT - Jake Berlin, Rice

23. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)

Coach Sawemoff90
Needs: DE, LB, OL

On paper the Ravens are a very good team not needing much here. They could go a few different ways for depth, but I believe we will see a very good defensive end here on the board in Ashley Bayer out of Kansas St. If he's here at #23 that's a huge steal!

Pick: LE - Ashley Bayer, Kansas State

24. Buffalo Bills (9-7)

Coach Shawtypizzle
Needs: OL, WR, LB

The Buffalo Bills have a few needs and that's why they have back to back picks here in the 1st round. They lack depth at WR and through the first 23 picks of this draft, no one has taken a WR, which might be silly thinking. The Bills will go with the top WR in the draft here with Harvey Davenport out of San Diego St.

Pick: WR - Harvey Davenport, San Diego St.

25. Buffalo Bills (9-7) *From Jacksonville

Coach Shawtypizzle
Needs: OL, WR, LB

The Bills having back to back picks is a nice thing. They should go line here and there might be a sleeper in Tim Olson out of Nebraska laying around, if he's still here, i'd grab him to sure up that offensive line.

Pick: LT - Tim Olson, Nebraska

26. Arizona Cardinals (10-6)

Coach Trigrdan
Needs: OL, DL, CB

The Cardinals have a very average offensive line, and thats why we've seen Kyler Murray get sacked more than any QB through these last 3 seasons. I would try to grab the best offensive lineman available here if i were the Cardinals.

Pick: C - Dustin Lentz, Washington

27. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7) *From Jacksonville

Coach Gouch
Needs: LB, QB, OL

The Bengals 2nd first round pick, the first pick we believe they will be going linebacker so what will they do here in the later round? We all know Gouch loves speed, so I think he goes with the fastest WR available. That would be Kentrell Parks out of USF.

Pick: WR - Kentrell Parks, USF

28. Cleveland Browns (16-0)

Coach MackDaddy
Needs: LB, OL, S

It's like trying to find a gift for someone that has everything. The Browns went undefeated last season, during the regular season, so where are their holes? If I had to pick one, i'd say linebacker and safety. There should be a few safeties available here for the Browns to grab.

Pick: FS - Jeremy McGraw, Ball State

29. Tennessee Titans (9-7)

Coach MrRoclo
Needs: WR, OL, DL

The Titans had a great season 53 and they definitely do have some holes. There is a glaring one at Wide Receiver, where they will address with this pick. The biggest most physical receiver in this draft might still be here at #29 and if he is, the Titans would be a great fit here.

Pick: WR - Tavarus Carrie, Stanford

30. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)

Coach MrWitness36
Needs: OL, LB, DB

The Eagles are a very good team, but they do have some issues. Offensive line needs to be improved, but they won't find anyone at #30 here. They also need some linebacker and defensive back help. I think the best bet here would be CB JaWuan Finley out of Oregon.

Pick: CB - JaWuan Finley, Oregon

31. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5)

Coach Bhicks14
Needs: OL, DL, LB

Coach Hicks has a nice team, they do need help at offensive line, defensive line, and linebacker to name a few. You could even throw in defensive backs too. I think the Chiefs should take the best player in the draft here with what they need.

Pick: C - Russell Lamar, Auburn

32. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-14) *From Washington

Coach Duckfat95
Needs: QB, DT, CB

The Steelers were able to obtain this draft pick from the champs by trading Ryan Shazier, so i would look to replace him here if they can. They already grabbed a QB with the 1st overall pick, so with back to back picks coming up the ball is in their court.

Pick: RG - Michael Brayton, Cincinnati