Coach Krayzie300's first edition of the MOF stock market report for Season 53

Hello MOF. Your long-awaited MOF Stock Market report is here. For those of you unfamiliar with this report, I will give you some “Blue Chip” stock options, some “Solid Investments” and some flat-out busts or “Junk Bonds” if you will. Followed up with a buy and sell section for those of you looking to trade. So, without further ado, here is your stock market report for season 53.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the MOF what a season we have had in season 53. There has been a lot, and I mean A LOT of parody as we come to the close of season 53. More teams were in the playoff hunt coming into week 17 then I can remember in recent history. But with Betts at 14-2 and Mackdaddy hitting the perfect regular season at 16-0 it looks like we are heading to a third straight Skins Vs Browns Superbowl. The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same, aint that right Young Hova.

I'm stuck in this life forever
The more things change the more they stay the same
Who am I to change the game?

by Krayzie300
February 11, 2020


Cleveland Browns – Mackdaddy (Always a Bridesmaid never the Bride)

This Article would hold no credibility if the first Blue Chipper wasn’t The Cleveland Browns. Running the table during the regular season and completing the perfect season at 16-0. What’s impressive (Scary) about this run is the fact that he only played 3 close games all season long. He defeated everyone he played by more than on possession aside from games vs. the Chargers (20-17), Broncos (19-13) and Jags (24-17). Everyone else he defeated by more than 7 points. Leading the way in the land of Drew Carey is QB Baker Mayfield. Baker ended his season with a paltry QBR of 130.8 going 220 for 288, 20 TDs to 7 INTs. He also had a triple headed monster for a running game featuring Nick Chubb with 1100 yards even and 18TDs. Between Chubb, Mike Meadows and Ronald Jones II the Browns totaled 2240 yards and 39 TDs on the ground. ODB did his thing on offense as well notching 1012 yards on just 45 receptions.

Washington Redskins – Betts (Mr. Dynasty)

You cannot mention Blue Chip Stocks and not put Mr. Betts in the conversation. Back to back MOF Champs looking for a three peat. Who is going to stop this guy? The undefeated Browns? Jfon? Who notably shut down Betts vaunted running attack? Nope the answer is. Betts himself. The only way he does not three-peat is if he defeats himself. No one can run the ball like this team. Led by All-World but oft-injured HB Darrius Guice who ran for 2595 yards and 30 TDs on the season. Guice Injured? No problem Chris Thompson doesn’t miss a beat, look at week 17 for the proof. 222 yards on just 14 carries. Hell take his top 3 HBs, Guice, Thompson and Love and Betts averaged 7.66 YPC. Wanna sell out to stop the run? Well we can’t advise that either because QB Haskins will pick you apart just the same. A QBR of 128.0 30 TDs to just 8 INTs and 3501 yards

His favorite target Terry McLaurin had 1402 yards on 66 catches and 18 TDs as well. Is there a flaw in his game? That remains to be seen but the MOF playoffs on the Horizon somebody needs to figure it soon or the Nations Capitol will be celebrating a dynasty.

Philadelphia Eagles – Mr. Witness (The Great White Hope)

Now I’ll Admit I don’t know much about Mr. Witness. But what I do know is that after a few mediocre seasons under Coach Q, who took his talents to Seattle, Mr. Witness came in and led the Eagles to a 13-3 record in his first full season including a signature win over the afore mentioned Redskins. A game that saw HB Darrius Guice get knocked out for the season due to a broken arm. Haskins, Thompson and McLaurin were contained and Phily would leave DC with the win. Carson Wentz Leads the Eagles on Offense along with HB Tarik Cohen, JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Dallas Goedert but the real story in Philly is the Defense. Fletcher Cox went full on beast mode and notched 40….YES 40 SACKS leading the way for a team that had 71 sacks on the year. Of course, with all that pressure, the Eagles has 2 members of the Defense flying high with double digit interceptions. FS Rodney McLeod Jr. had 14 and MLB Kamu Grugier-Hill added 10. The Eagles had 44 INTs on the season. Will This be the team to dethrone the defending champs? Time will tell but I’m gonna put my money on it!


Kansas City Chiefs – Bhicks (or his brother, were not sure yet)

The only thing stopping the Chiefs from being a Blue Chipper is the fact that this team has been hit hard with the injury bug. Superstar QB Pat Mahomes was lost for season with a groin tear early in the season and Hicks also lost WR Hill for a chunk of the season. Not to mention being absolutely cap strapped and selling off a lot of pieces early in the season. But somehow the Chiefs are sitting at 10-5 and have clinched a playoff Berth. Rookie QB Derek Sparks has done a good job keeping the team afloat in Mahomes absence, passing for 3780 yards thus far with one game to go. This team boasts 3 1000 Receivers in Mecole Hardman (1151 yards), Tyreek Hill (1070 yards) and TE Travis Kelce (1043 yards). If the Chiefs can stay Healthy and get the cap under control, we could be talking about a Superbowl win in the near future…..but I don’t see it in the cards for this season.

The New York Jets – Coach Latin (Mute your damn mic) Yank

The Jets came into the season projected 3rd in the Division behind the Bills and Dolphins. Coach Yank used that for some fuel and turned in a 11-5 record including an impressive 5-1 record in the division. We don’t know how he did it. Sam Darnold was pedestrian at best (13 TDs and 24 INTs) His running game was not what he expected with Leveon Bell in the mix (641 yards) HB DeAndre Washington led the team in that category with 1006 yards. Defensively no one had more than 77 tackles and no one had more than 11.5 sacks. So how is he doing it, well CB Darius Slay Jr. Probably won them quite a few games alone. 9 INTs and 3 defensive TDs will go a long way to help that along. The Jets are gonna need the defensive to play stout if they want to advance in the MOF playoffs this season and Darnold needs to play smarter football, but as they say. Never say Never, especially in the most competitive season of MOF in quite sometimes. Coach Latin Yank has made the dance, now he needs to steal the Prom Queen somehow.

Cincinnati Benglas – Coach Gouch

With 15 players going to be over the dreaded age of 30 next season, the Bengals are in “Win-Now” mode. A veteran laced team led by some youngsters in Rookie QB in Duncan Woody and HB Joe Mixon and WR John Ross III. Gouch recipe for winning this season has been Speed. WR John Ross (98 Speed) averaged damn near 30 yards a catch and HB Corey Grant (97 speed) was second on the team in Receptions and yards, also averaging 17.1 YPC. Mix in talented youngsters Jessie Bates, Malik Hooker and Malik Jefferson on defense as well and we have a solid core to build on. The window to win now is closing but is this Gouchs year? Stay Tuned.


The Detroit Lions – Coach Beers

Beers is what the must be drinking in Detroit during the game. Detroit was a dumpster fire this year. However, the city of Detroit has gotten used to the Kitties underperforming. 2-14 and on his way to the #1 overall pick, the Lions would be wise to take a look at a rookie QB coming out of the draft. The Lions offense is talented, they just need a leader, Stafford has proved in his old age that he is just not the guy in Detroit.

The Indianapolis Colts – Coach SoSick

This team is an enigma, loaded with talent at key positions. Namely Andrew Luck at QB. But when Luck is throwing 37 INTs chances are your team is not gonna be in many games. Coach SoSick has gotta be Sick to his stomach by that number. Can the Colts improve next season and get back to being a contender? Only time will tell.


Buy – Cleveland Browns Perfect (Regular) Season – 16-0 is always impressive!

Sell – Cleveland Browns – Perfect Season – Unfortunately until Coach Mackdaddy can prove he can defeat Betts, he’s gonna be stuck in second place

Buy – The Eagles and Coach Witness upsetting the defending 2x Champ

Sell - Washington Redskins three peat-ing and cementing their dynasty

Buy – The most competitive and ACTIVE season in MOF history! (seriously great job to everyone!!!)

Sell – Losing HOF Coaches Pauly, Dolan and now potentially Big Dre.

So, there you have it folks. The MOF Stock Market report. I hope you all enjoyed it. See you in season 54!

- Coach Krayzie